Introducing: A Comprehensive Approach to Onsite Food & Hospitality Success

IHSPlus focuses on managing relationships and sharing knowledge, with the goals of achieving stellar results.

It’s that simple. We’ve learned over the years that the best hospitality experiences come from continuity. That’s why our signature service now involves the expertise of our entire IHS team and access to our proprietary CrossCheck Quality Assurance & Contract Compliance Program.

Campus Dining &
Hospitality Services

Healthcare Food &
Nutrition Services

Corporate Onsite Food &
Hospitality Services

Whether you manage services for a corporation, on a campus or at a healthcare facility, you will reap the benefits of working side-by-side with IHS advisers, leveraging their knowledge and experience on all aspects of your onsite dining and hospitality service program. CrossCheck leads the way for measurable results.

Consider it a “program manager” service for all things food and hospitality — whether your program is outsourced or self-operated. Our three tiered services featuring flexibility and an easy-to-budget fixed fee can help you achieve exceptional results.

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