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Areas of Food Service Management Consulting Expertise:
Corporate Dining corporate dining services
Campus Dining campus dining services
Healthcare Dining

Innovative Hospitality Solutions (IHS) is a leading food service management consulting firm, advising corporations, administrations, and facility managers to success in their food service operations.

Utilizing a collaborative approach, we partner with global organizations to create efficient, cost-effective, and customized solutions. As experienced operators and recognized leaders in the food service industry, we coach our clients to improve and reposition their food service operations to achieve long-term results and success.

At Innovative Hospitality Solutions, our results-driven team is dedicated to the success of the unique needs of your food service operations. We are subject matter experts in the on-site food service industry with a focus on collaboration and customization of cohesive programs suited to each client's particular food service needs.

Our food service management consulting project work extends across the Hospitality Industry, including: Corporate Dining, Campus Dining, and Healthcare Dining.

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