Bob Wolkom

Bob Wolkom: Senior Associate

Bob Wolkom - Senior Associate


As a hospitality industry veteran, I have the unique opportunity to share my practical knowledge with our clients in my current role with IHS. This is extremely gratifying. Over my long career in the industry, being responsible for global and regional programs, I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with some of finest professionals in the industry that share a common passion for food. I have gained tremendous insight into best practices and trends during my tenure. At IHS, I work closely with clients that share a common need for the pursuit of enhancing the program they deliver to their colleagues and guests, while creating trusting and sustainable partnerships with their providers. As a Senior Associate with the IHS team for over 5 years, I have managed projects of all types, sizes and levels of complexity within the business and industry, non-commercial sector and the higher education sector. I am a long-time active member of Society for Hospitality and Food Service Management (SHFM), the premier on-site professional organization. The amazing thing about the hospitality industry is the dynamic nature of the business. One of the great attributes of my job is the ability to learn every day. I feel right at home and enjoy working in the field with clients in their corporate or campus settings. For me, this is the ultimate work experience.


I am a life long resident of the Jersey Shore. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Hospitality Management at the University of Southern New Hampshire. Being a transient between the shore and the mountains in those days provided a tremendous love for the outdoors. I enjoy boating and fishing with family and friends. My amazing wife of over 35 years, Kathy, and I have two terrific daughters, Kaitlin and Heather. My wife and daughters are all educators. I love to travel and explore new destinations. One of the greatest outputs from my career in the pharmaceutical industry was traveling to many locations within Europe, North and South America. Closer to home, our family loves the Florida Keys. This is our home away from home. Spending the Christmas holidays there for the last few years has been a highlight for all of us. At home we have two amazing and loving pets, Lila our cat and Sophie our dog. In my spare time I have given back to my community as a volunteer firefighter for over 30 years.