Healthcare Hospitality Consulting

IHS treats food service ills at health care facilities

IHS helps hospitals, health systems and continuing-care clients with consulting and planning for patient dining, retail food service, coffee bars, catering, gift stores and vending operations.

Typical challenges faced:

  • Sagging Press Ganey or other patient satisfaction scores that are detrimental to the overall performance of the hospital.
  • Lacking variety and quality of healthful food choices for employees and patients, sending mixed messages about the importance of nutrition to good health.
  • Underperforming, inefficient and slow employee food service for hospital care staff who normally only have thirty (30) minutes to eat, causing loss in productivity.
  • Determining if an outsourced food and nutrition program is more beneficial for the hospital or system.
  • Determining the right services to be provided for growing building/campus populations.

Results with IHS:

  • Proven strategies for programs that result in higher patient satisfaction scores that can result in increased reimbursements for health care facilities that file with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
  • Menu engineering ideas and best practices that drive improved healing by providing nutritious and well-balanced food.
  • Introduction of proven retail programs and technology that drive customer speed of service and satisfaction.
  • Feasibility studies that quantify the potential of increased commission, lower costs and capital investment to drive food and nutrition service facilities and innovations.
  • Programming and strategic plans for more efficient and effective services to meet health system goals and drive program participation.

Case Study

Cleveland Clinic: Health system demonstrates how two contractors are better than one

Cleveland Clinic logo

Cleveland Clinic had an interesting predicament: Its food and hospitality needs had become too large for one provider to manage.  Administration, with the advice of IHS, decided to split the business across two providers.


Cleveland Clinic needed to transition from one to two national contractors in 60 days.


IHS steered Cleveland Clinic and two contractors to a solution.

Cleveland Clinic triangle IHS between contractors

  • Established rules of engagement for each operator based on portfolio and client needs.
  • Defined roles for project completion with project managers from each entity.
  • Embraced the role as subject matter expert representing the Client stakeholders and driving transition activities.
  • Updated senior leadership throughout the transition time period with executive briefings and reports.


Clear expectations and responsibility, with a smooth transition.

  • Completed transition with no S.E.R.S.
  • Experienced no service disruption.
  • Increased retail revenues from day one.
  • Increased operator performance from both service providers based on quality assurance scores.
  • Improving Press Ganey scores for food & nutrition across the enterprise.

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