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Exceptional employee amenities make a world of difference

IHS helps corporate clients with consulting and strategic planning for onsite cafes, restaurants, catering, vending and other workplace amenity operations. Our clients know that best-in-class onsite operations lead to increased employee engagement and enhanced productivity throughout their companies.

Together, we create a roadmap for success.

Typical challenges faced:

  • Being able to quantify the value of providing onsite hospitality services.
  • Validating the performance of the managed service provider.
  • Stabilizing or reducing operating subsidy cost.
  • Recompeting or renegotiating food and hospitality service contracts.
  • Determining the right services to be provided for growing building/campus populations.

Results with IHS:

  • Fact and benchmark-based justification for enhancing employee productivity through onsite amenities.
  • Assessments of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and prescriptive action plans to enhance operator performance and accountability.
  • Comprehensive financial assessment results with realistic operating strategies to improve financial performance.
  • Industry best practice terms and conditions to maximize contract value and enhance accountability.
  • Programming and strategic plans for more efficient and effective services to meet client goals and drive program participation.

Case Study

Nationwide: Insurer boosts onsite amenity program with CrossCheck Quality Assurance

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Nationwide signed a five-year enterprise contract with a new outsourced operator. The contract included SLA requirements for safety, sanitation, service, marketing, and others. The contract also contained incentives for the operator to meet enhanced quality standards. Nationwide desired accountability and measurable continuous improvement from the operator.


IHS implemented their CrossCheck program and began completing assessments at every hospitality venue managed by the operator. Real-time results were shared with Nationwide and operator at the time of assessment. In addition, IHS also held interactive work sessions with Nationwide and the operator to discuss trends, risks and opportunities. Other steps taken:

  • Developed CrossCheck database for more than 18 locations across the United States.
  • Collaborated with Nationwide and operator to define evaluation criteria.
  • Ensured contract requirements were included in evaluation criteria.
  • Conducted unannounced evaluations at all sites.
  • Shared results in real-time with Nationwide and operator.
  • Developed action plans for continuous improvement and monitored progress.


Improved performance year over year; reduced expenses.

  • Completed more than 100 assessments since start of engagement in 2012.
  • Documented justification to replace site management when results were below expectations.
  • Realized an increased customer participation of more than 10 percent and rise in customer satisfaction of more than 12 percent on average across the portfolio.
  • Reduced “operating subsidy per employee” by 40 percent.

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