About IHS

An advisory firm that redefines food service management success

To our clients, Innovative Hospitality Solutions is a game-changer. With deep insights in food and hospitality management, our experienced advisers go beyond tired, traditional methods of typical food service operations.

We’ve redefined the relationship between management advisers, clients and food service operators. We’ve innovated around best practices — always challenging the status quo.

Our approach is inspired by transformational leaders. We combine the ingenuity of Steve Jobs, the relentless perseverance of Susan B. Anthony and the breakthrough thinking of Albert Einstein to create new possibilities and memorable hospitality experiences for your employees and customers.

Services as individualized as our clients

As your adviser, we take time to educate and provide thorough information on why traditional practices don’t work anymore and why new ones do. Expectations for high quality, innovative and authentic dining, everywhere people dine, is the new normal. We get it right because we listen to you and your customers. When we combine your needs with innovative solutions, your hospitality goals emerge.

Since 2006, we’ve helped the nation’s leading organizations transform employee and customer experiences, save millions of dollars in improved operator partnerships, and create sustainable results.

Values that drive lasting success

Since day one, we’ve been driven to provide the best value solutions and exceed our clients’ expectations. The IHS team pledges to:

Road icon: go the extra mile

1. Go the extra mile to transform a vision from insight to impact.

Puzzle icon: challenge ourselves

2. Challenge ourselves and our clients to find unconventional solutions.

Thumbs up icon: do the right thing

3. Do the right thing, always.

Graduate icon: educate ourselves

4. Educate ourselves every day and educate our clients at every opportunity.

Shaking hands icon: treat everyone with respect

5. Treat everyone with respect and dignity

Globe icon: embrace diversity

6. Embrace diversity in all its forms, from cultural backgrounds to knowledge base and clients needs.

Trusted for Results

Icon 90% clients return to IHS

90% of clients return to IHS for new projects

Icon rise in employee satisfaction

5% + rise in employee satisfaction survey scores due to well-run workplace amenities

Icon top 20 hospitals have returned to IHS

25% of the U.S. News & World Report’s top 20 hospitals have turned to IHS for help redefining their food and nutrition programs

Icon 100% education clients have increased dining program income

100% of higher education clients have increased their dining program income as a result of IHS

Icon millions of dollars in savings

Millions of dollars in savings (or additional income generated) directly due to IHS insight, education and negotiation skills

Icon more than 300 annual quality & compliance assessments

More than 300 annual Quality Assurance & Compliance assessments completed with CrossCheck

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