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Strategic Planning & Operator Relationship Management
Collaborate with client stakeholders to fully understand organizational culture and onsite foodservice & hospitality goals and objectives. Recommend operating chanter and/or strategic planning initiatives to achieve desired outcomes.  Provide subject matter expertise on onsite foodservice programing, retail concepts and trends. For outsourced programs, educate client stakeholders on owner/operator relationship management with managed service provider community.

Onsite Program Evaluations
Conduct periodic onsite operator/department evaluations (monthly/quarterly/bi-annually) to ensure quality compliance. Identify opportunities to improve customer participation and satisfaction. Facilitate meetings with client and operator/ department leadership to develop action plans to improve performance. Attend onsite meetings with client stakeholders responding to questions and program changes. Monitor progress through action planning control documents.  

Contract Compliance & Administration
For outsourced services, fully understand current contract language, financial terms, and conditions. Inform client of potential risks areas to achieve 100% contract compliance. Draft required operator contract amendments based on programming changes. Review contract documents with client and operator stakeholders to ensure alignment. Coordinate contract administration between client and operator.

Annual Business Planning, Budgeting & Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Monitoring
Facilitate annual business planning and budget process to set the stage to achieve client financial objectives. Develop schedule based on client fiscal year. Conduct due diligence evaluations to validate operator/department operating assumptions.  Schedule progress meetings with client and operator/department leadership to approve budget of record and issue purchase orders. Develop annual operator/department KPI matrix to ensure accountability and measure performance during the fiscal year. 

Monthly Operating Statement Analysis, Forecasting & Education Initiative
Conduct operator/department monthly operating financial statement analysis of actual performance compared to approved budget. Create control document to summarize risk areas and develop action plans. Evaluate performance trends to forecasted annual results. Provide client with a monthly report and dashboard to educate internal stakeholders on food & hospitality service program best practices. 

On-Going Quality Assurance – CrossCheck Evaluations
Conduct quarterly, semiannual or annual quality assurance evaluations to evaluate operator/department performance, employee safety and sanitation. Document opportunities for improved performance. Provide client with “Cure Report” to address areas of immediate concern and performance below expectations. Finalize evaluation with dashboard to numerically quantify operator/department performance and establish baseline for continuous improvement.

New Site Openings & Project Management
Develop strategies and transition plan for new site/venue openings. Conduct pre-opening site survey of proposed facility space. Participate on client, architect, and builder conference calls. Review opening cost budget and reconcile invoice for payment processing. Provide onsite support to oversee new/venue site openings. Collaborate with client and operator/department stakeholders to modify program, as needed.

Foodservice Programming & Design

Collaborate with client and operator/department leadership on foodservice programming and design for renovations, expansions, and new sites. Create programming control documents to review with internal stakeholders, foodservice design firms and operators. Conduct pier reviews of design and construction documents to ensure programming objectives are achieved.


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