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Are you struggling with low retail and patient dining satisfaction scores?
IHS assists hospitals, health systems, and continuing care clients with operational consulting and strategic planning for their patient feeding, retail food service, catering, gift stores and vending operations.


Food Service Evaluation & Needs Assessment
Review the client’s current food and nutrition operations, contract (if outsourced) and services. IHS evaluates purchasing practices, staffing, merchandising, business plans, menus, patient delivery models (tray service, room service, spoken menu) food production and financial statements.  We also provide quantitative evaluations and recommendations that will improve patient, employee and guest satisfaction and/or client financial results.

Self-Operation vs. Outsourcing
Assist and guide the client through a comprehensive review of the service requirements and financial goals.  IHS will present the best value solution, identifying advantages, disadvantages and recommendations to sustain long-term food and nutrition department goals and objectives.    

Strategic Master Planning
Beginning with a comprehensive food and nutrition department evaluation and needs assessment, create a strategic master plan that documents a systemic process in which an organization prioritizes resources to achieve its vision for the future. The strategic master plan focuses on food service programming, nutritional programming, patient meal delivery models, space planning, capital cost estimates, hiring resources, operation costs, technology, industry best practices and sustainability. We also assist clients in the implementation of the strategic master plan.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Development, Evaluation & Contract Negotiations
Develop and administer comprehensive RFP's for selecting the right food and nutrition management partner. IHS' RFP administration provides document development, bidder qualification, distribution, bidder conferences and site surveys, and proposal evaluation. IHS negotiates "win-win" partnerships between the client and food service provider. IHS focuses on increased contractor accountability, evaluation of contractor fees and compensation and establishment of performance based incentive agreements. We conduct contract compliance audits for the life of the agreement.

Food Service Planning & Design
Provide the client with food service concept development, programming and design for expansion, renovation or building a new facility. IHS collaborates with the client's architect, as part of the design team, providing food service related expertise based on industry standards and trends throughout the design process.

Point-of-Sale (POS) & Information Technology Solutions
Review the client's current POS solution and information technology needs. IHS provides technology strategic planning, hardware and software recommendations, management reporting, data mining, cashless systems and return on investment analysis.

Recruitment Processes and Practices
Develop and implement training programs and hiring process. IHS develops and delivers retention programs and training staff for food and nutrition services. We also assist clients with interim staff and management support.

Market Research & Customer Satisfaction
Using intercept and direct customer survey techniques, we assist the client in learning more about patient and guest satisfaction and provide feedback on using the information to improve sales, participation, satisfaction and financial performance.






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  Food Service Management Consultants for corporate, campus, and healthcare facilities; specializing in operational and financial assessments, strategic planning, operator selection processes (RFP), contract negotiations/compliance, design planning and customer service education.




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