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Are you struggling with poor customer or patient satisfaction scores?

IHS assists hospitals, health systems, continuing care facilities, universities and corporate clients by providing specialized and house-wide customer service and leadership training programs. Our proven methods and practices have helped numerous organizations surpass satisfaction targets and maintain best in class scores.

The Secret Shopper

When employees know they're being watched, they behave differently. We start with what we call the "Secret Shopper Evaluation" to get an unbiased, accurate picture of what happens to customers and guests in your facility. This helps us identify areas where your organization is doing well (and therefore, needs little to no improvement or education), as well as areas in which your facility could gain the largest benefit to increasing customer satisfaction and the guest experience. A full written summary report is provided with specific recommendations for Creating Service Culture Excellence.


Service Culture Assessment

We review existing customer satisfaction survey data and follow up with our customized surveys to a select number of leaders, managers, and frontline employees. We do this so that we can gather sufficient data to accurately identify trends, outliers, validate assumptions, and cycles. We also use this data to establish a baseline for your service initiatives.


Leadership Education

Following the successful identification of your needs, we work with your leadership team to build and execute education for all leaders in the organization. This presentation works hand-in-hand with the education of frontline employees may later receive, thus enabling both tiers of the organization to work in tandem toward the same goal – Creating Service Culture Excellence.


Enterprise Employee Education

We provide four (4) identical one (1) hour education sessions per day for the number of days each organization needs to accomplish organization-wide education. For example, an organization with approximately 1,200 employees could be educated over a two (2) day period with ten (10) one (1) hour sessions.


CME Education for Physicians (Healthcare)

We provide dynamic Continuing Medical Education (CME) education sessions for physicians specifically tailored to share with them the role they play in helping healthcare facilities achieve the best patient experience. They are introduced to the organization's mission, values and service expectations that coincide with the expectations of employees. Physicians are reminded that they also play a tremendous role in employee engagement in the way they interact with healthcare employees.


Strategic Planning

We advise organizations on developing a comprehensive plan for Creating Service Culture Excellence by focusing on mission, values, and service expectations. Clear goals are set with strategies for accountability, timelines and specific outcomes.


Education Film Production

We are industry leaders in video production. We can help your organization create a fun, meaningful product that can be used for employee education, new employee orientation, and community events. We use your facility employees as the actors/actresses in the production so that all employees will tie into the appreciation that this truly is your facility customized education video.


Emergency Department Bootcamp (Healthcare)

Organizations are quickly preparing for the rollout of the anticipated Emergency Department CAHPS (EDCAHPS) requirement. Those ahead of the game are going to see much higher scores on initiation of this program. We offer an Emergency Department Service Excellence Boot Camp which addresses wait times, likelihood to recommend to family and friends, pain, tests, nurses, doctors, overall ratings and discharge.


Food Service and EVS Initiatives (Healthcare)

We offer service initiatives specifically focused in these key departments. Environmental Services (EVS) is included as part of the HCAHPS survey process and our training and approach greatly impact these scores. Although Food Service is not currently included in HCAHPS, it has been proven that when patients receive great meals with superior service, the overflow impact is great in improving and sustaining patient satisfaction.


Sustaining Service Initiatives with Built In Accountability and Follow Up Visits

It's one thing to make changes occur – it's another entirely to make them stick. Through follow up evaluations, we walk hand in hand with our clients to insure that the strategic investment they've made produces long-term results.




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