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Our clients expect the very best when they work with IHS. As a way to ensure success, we provide in-depth insight and expertise. We have formed strategic alliances with some of the top hospitality consulting firms in the United States and Canada. Together, with our alliance partners, we offer a diverse range of consulting services drawing on decades of industry experience. Below are some of the firms we collaborate with frequently


Kaizen Food   Colburn & Guyette Consulting Partners Inc.
KAIZEN Food Service Planning and Design Inc. IHS collaborates with KAIZEN food service Planning and Design Inc. providing clients of both firms a broader base of resources experience. KAIZEN is an award winning consulting firm, specializing in food service, laundry, waste management and materials handling planning and design. The firm consists of a dynamic team providing management advisory and design related services to an international client base within the healthcare, education, hospitality and institutional sectors.


  Colburn & Guyette Consulting Partners, Inc. (C&G)


IHS collaborates with C&G by providing management advisory services to support their facility design clients. C & G offers a variety of consulting services to the food service Industry. The firm specializes in delivering the finest food facilities planning and design services available by producing creative solutions to their clients' needs.
Culinary Options   The Pulse Group
Culinary Options


IHS collaborates with Culinary Options to provide a collective intelligence focus. Owner and principal, Karen Malody, MSW, FCSI, centers her business on two key activities. The first is to guarantee an integrated vision. Culinary Options begins a project by conducting project ideation and visioning sessions in the infancy stage to identify sort and the impressions of all shareholders. By taking this first step, Culinary Options consistently defines precise and clearly articulated concepts to ensure a dynamic and profitable food service operation. The second step is to create a menu. Identification of the cuisine, methods of cooking, equipment identification and flow within the kitchen can help the designers to achieve a superior level of functionality. Business plans and strategic mapping can occur once the menu is conceptually developed.

The Pulse Group


IHS collaborates with The Pulse Group on market research, strategic planning and operational consulting for higher education, community, institutional and corporate clients to gain market insights and develop practical growth, positioning, and branding strategies for their food, hospitality, retail, tourism, recreation, leisure and brand assets. We use customer, business and economic information together with competitive market intelligence, to identify the market potential for new or enhanced products, services and facilities. The Pulse Group are experts in competitive intelligence techniques, investigating industry best practices and evaluating demographic/financial data. Projects normally involve in-depth market research using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods.



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  Food Service Management Consultants for corporate, campus, and healthcare facilities; specializing in operational and financial assessments, strategic planning, operator selection processes (RFP), contract negotiations/compliance, design planning and customer service education.




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